Inclusive Workplace

Labor-Management Relations

Profit sharing created greater benefits for employees

About Our Company

In an era of a knowledge-base, global economy, ACON OPTICS is committed to knowledgeable and experienced leaders. To establish a competitive edge, management provides immediate feedback and support for customers and employees. Communication is an integral part of ACON OPTICS. Therefore, digital and non digital communication is used to create a simplified platform for all participants to share information.

Leisure Activities

ACON OPTICS believes in rewarding hard work. Leisure activities that are supported by ACON OPTICS include tickets for movies and other family entertainment as well as domestic and foreign travel.


Employees are encouraged to participate in club activities and subsidies the cost in order to make it easier for employees to join.

Employee Lounge

Because ACON OPTICS values the hard work of its employees, a staff lounge is available with a snack bar and private room for nursing moms.

Employee Discount

ACON OPTICS continually provides corporate discounts to employees for retail, dining, and travel.

Wellness Program

Staying fit and healthy is important to ACON OPTICS. Free/Low cost physical examinations and health workshops, as well as an annual “walking race” are provided to promote good health.


ACON OPTICS provided professional on-line training in which employees can expand their knowledge base in a variety of areas.

Individual Professional Growth

All employees, from the first day of employment, work with management to develop personal and professional growth plan.

Training and Workshops

ACON OPTICS‘ educational training framework includes internal and outside training for employees.

New Staff Training System

ACON OPTICS provides new employees support through the “New Employee Training System.” A mentor is provided by a senior employee so that all new employees quickly acclimate to company operations, while also encouraging a balance between work and daily life.

AOPT Learning Center

A private library is available to employees which holds various professional journals and resources. In addition, ACON OPTICS‘ facility in Southern China is currently planning a new employee training center with the purpose of providing training in order to groom new talent for future roles in the company.

Career Development

Career development plays an important role in ACON OPTICS. Employees develop, in collaboration with management, an individual professional career plan.

Job Rotation

ACON OPTICS has established job flexibility through the use of a job rotation system. Employees develop additional skills while also strengthening the expertise base of the company.

Overseas Positions

Because ACON OPTICS is an international and global company, job openings are open to employees in each subsidiary worldwide.

Special Projects

Special projects are available to employees according to their experience and expertise.

Salary and Welfare

Profit Sharing

ACON OPTICS‘s goal is to create higher revenue for the company. In doing so, profit sharing created greater benefits for employees.

Pay Policy

ACON OPTICS‘s pay policy is structured to compensate employees based on the nature and level of work performance. In establishing the salary range, several factors are considered, which include but are not limited to, complexity of the job, job related knowledge, problem solving skill, and expertise.


ACON OPTICS is committed to rewarding high performance employees.

Education Aid

ACON OPTICS offers employees financial aid for professional and technical training that is aligned with their professional growth plan.


Public transportation via subway or bus.