Supplier chain managements

Supplier chain managements

Supply chain management practices

Evaluation of new supplier

There is a Vendor Assessment Process in written. After passing the assessment can the potential supplier then be included in the vendor list.

Supplier management

Review various quality of the suppliers and meeting with those who needs to improve the delivery issue irregularly.

Supplier Auditing

Make assessment of the suppliers per the history of product quality and delivery lead time.

Supplier counseling

Supplier scorecard assessment. For the suppliers whose performance get rated C consecutively 3 months in a row, they need to provide improvement report.

Supplier management practice

Management practices Method Criteria

Financial status

Supplier evaluation scorecard Regularly evaluate supplier to ensure the quality of material, delivery date and service meet the requirements. ISO 9001

Environmental assessment

Technical standard of environmental management substance Preferably select the suppliers who comply the certification of ISO 14001 and meet the requirement of environmental restrict substance management. ISO 14001

Social responsibility

Integrity commitment The suppliers need to sign and fulfill the contract of integrity commitment in order to establish the positive and healthy partnership. RBA