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About Our Company

(Winner of Workplace) merged with Knowledgeable and Experienced Management (Knowledge Management)

In an era of knowledge-base, global economy, ACON OPTICS is committeed to knowledgeable and experienced leaders. To establish a competitive edge, management provides immediate feedback and support for customers and employees. Communication is an integral part of ACON OPTICS. Therefore, digital and non-digital communication is used to create a simplified platform for all participants to share information.

Employee Portal

All employee have access to the company’s website called my ACON OPTICS, which provides opportunities to share information, ask questions and provide input.

ACON Community

ACON OPTICS is committed to ensuring that employees feel valued and appreciated.
Year End Celebration

Every year ACON OPTICS hosts a “Year End Celebration” for all employees.

This celebration is hosted in recognition of the hard work of employees throughout the year.

Leisure Activities

ACON OPTICS believes in rewarding hard work. Leisure activities that are supported by ACON OPTICS include tickets for movies and other family entertainment as well as domestic and foreign travel.


Employees are encouraged to participate in club activities and subsidies the cost in order to make it easier for employees to join.

Employee Lounge

Because ACON OPTICS continually corporate discounts to employees for retail, dining and travel.

Wellness Program

Staying fit and healthy is important to ACON OPTICS.

Free / Low cost physical examinations and health workshops, as well as “walking race” are provided to promote good health.