SC Pulling Eye Connector

ACON OPTICS SC Pulling Eye Connector offers a simple and flexible solution for FTTx deployment. It is easy to deploy and has a maximum tensile strength of 100N.

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10G 100m Copper SFP Transceiver

The AOPT-SFP-8011x-RJ45 Copper SFP transceiver features simple application in data center for managers to leverage their installed base of switches and servers equipped with SPF+ empty cages, delivering 10G data rate over Cat6a up to 100m.

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USB 3/2/1 Extender Over Fiber

The AOPT-U321AC/AA-300(S)-2LC extender provides the ability to extend the distance of your USB 3/2/1 device up to 300m over Multi-mode or Single-mode fiber. The Device unit also supports USB Type-C devices using a conversion cable.

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36 Fiber & 32 Fiber MT Ferrule, Single-mode

Introducing ACON OPTICS’ new design 36F and 32F singlemode MT ferrules supporting 400G/800G data connectivity. ACON OPTICS' MT Ferrule, made by high precision molding technology, offers excellent performance for a variety of applications and operating environments.

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MT-MPO Pro Adapter

ACON OPTICS ACON Optics (AOPT) is featuring a revolutionary MT- MPO PRO Adapter which has the flexible flap design making ease of connecting and disconnecting MT ferrules. It is the best solution for BTW and high density applications.

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LC Polarity Switchable Uniboot Connector

ACON OPTICS new LC Polarity Switchable Connector is simple and easy to use without having to remove the housing and exposing fiber. Maximize space constraints with our uniboot design.

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SC Pushable Connector

A simple and costs effective optical fiber assembly deployment that is easy to use without compromising the optical fiber integrity or reliability.

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LC Premium Connector

ACON OPTICS Communications (AOPT) is featuring a revolutionary LC Premium Connector that allows precise of ferrule for Grade A patchcord, and Machine free tuning.

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LC 8 Port Adapter

LC 8 port Adapter minimizes the panel space with its side by side design. This enables more ports to be on the same panel and reaches higher density.

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MPO Connector

The MPO Connector is designed to meet the IEC 61755-3-31 standard which addresses 12 fiber hole width MPO requirements.

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Passive Network TAPs Cassette

ACON OPTICS Traffic Analysis Point (TAP) cassette is a 100% passive device. No power is required with 100% real time network monitoring.

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Why Choose ACON OPTICS ACON OPTICS is recognized for its quality in precision manufacturing of fiber optic based products. Being certified in ISO 9001/14001/27001/45001 is a clear commitment to quality excellence.

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